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11 Jul

SJB LOGOSocial Jackpot Buddy is the mouthpiece blog of  SJB Resource Ltd  which is a Social  Capital Builder based in the UK, providing hands on bespoke support to individuals and groups to combat disadvantage and facilitate change towards achieving  positive outcomes for all. Our main client base is the Minority Ethnic Groups for who we provide a cultural interface for understanding and engaging with the statutory Social Services sector.

Our Services

  • We work primarily with individual children and families to support them to navigate the statutory Social Services sector in relation to social services cases including child protection cases, court cases and the accessing of services particularly for children with disabilities and their families. 
  • We take referrals from all sources particularly referrals directly from families involved with Social Services requiring our support.
  • We also provide contact supervision services directly to Social Services and Local Authorities and their  representatives.
  • Additional services to children and families include training opportunities mainly for parents.   

We run various other projects during specific periods of the year including:

  • Drop – In sessions geared towards meeting the general needs of people within community.
  • Workshops for skills acquisitions and confidence building for various Disadvantaged adults groups.
  • Play and After School services for Children with disabilities.
  • Signposting to other agencies and providers of services not available from us.

SJB Resources Ltd is headed by , a Qualified Social Worker who has the necessary experience of working with children and families including children with Disabilities.  SJB resource Ltd is staffed by a team of contracted experts in the felds of Social Work, The Arts and Counselling. Volunteering opportunities also exist. Visit for more information.

We aim to provide ‘Hands On Help For You and Yours‘. 

This blog – allows other parties interested in building social capital particularly for children and families to engage with their target audience and to contribute both information, resources, links and other support.


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